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Get 2 DVDs for the Price of 1

Get 2 DVDs for the Price of 1

A Christmas Snow DVDA Christmas Snow is on sale at Family Christian Stores this weekend only! You can get the DVD for only $9.99 on their website here and save 50% or get it in stores for only $8.99 and save 55% (click here to find a store near you). That means you can get 2 DVDs for the price of 1 or less than the price of one!!! There are limited supplies at each store so move quickly to get your copies right away.

What many people are doing is buying one copy for their own family and a second to give away to another family this Christmas, so they can share the message of forgiveness and reconciliation.

A Christmas Snow has been touching peoples lives and hearts at the more than 200 screenings around the country and now on TV (channel listings here) and we just received a report of a father who is hoping to reconnect with his daughters this Christmas after watching the film. For us, stories like this represent true success for all of us here at Trost Moving Pictures.

Thank you to all of our friends, family, and fans who have told others about A Christmas Snow, the Novel, Sam’s Journal: Restored, and the Soundtrack. It is because of you that so many lives are being changed this Christmas Season!

About A Christmas Snow: A Christmas Snow stars Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Cameron ten Napel, and Anthony Tyler Quinn and is a heart warming story of forgiveness and reconciliation. It has won best picture at the XP Media Film Festival and has been officially selected to many others.